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Carpentry Services – Custom Design and Custom Craftsmanship

Do you need to transform your house into the home you have always dreamed of? We are who to call! When you choose Power Full Effects, your new outdoor or indoor living space will become a true reflection of your taste & lifestyle.

Build the bathroom of your dreams, a basement for entertaining, or a kitchen you want to stay in. Customize your home’s exterior with a low-maintenance deck, a gazebo, the latest building materials and technology, and more!

Power Full Effects serves Wasilla, Palmer, and the surrounding communities. We’re fully licensed, bonded, insured, and ready to take your idea and make it a reality.

Custom carpentry by Power Full Effects in Wasilla, AK.

Window Replacement

We specialize in entire home window replacement. Winters in Alaska are long, and heating costs are high. Replacing old windows that have lost their seals or are no longer working correctly will save thousands of dollars on heating expenses. Window replacement adds energy efficiency and increases curb appeal to your home.

Window replacement in Wasilla, AK.
New Window replacement.

Door Installation, Replacement, & Repair

Homeowners looking for door installation services should hire an experienced professional. We know the best practices to get the job done safely and efficiently without causing damage to your home. Our handymen have years of experience installing doors, so they can do it quickly while maintaining quality workmanship.

Door Repair & Maintenance

Interior and exterior doors receive a lot of wear and tear throughout their life, and many homeowners have older homes with older entries that are important to the style of the house. 

If homeowners want to avoid replacing an ailing door, repair is almost always an option. Contact us for any sticking, dents, squeaking, air leaks, damaged door jambs, rotting/softwood, broken locks, screen repairs, roller issues on pocket or sliding doors repairs.

Custom porch cover add on.

Remodeling Service

If your home is not meeting your family’s needs, it’s time to change. You don’t necessarily need to move into a different house if your current dwelling isn’t meeting the needs of your lifestyle. Remodeling your home or a single room might be all you need!

Our Remodeling Process

By starting with a design consultation, we save you money by focusing on the things that will improve your life and the value of your home. Don’t allow the risks of “project creep” to cause your home renovation to cost more than you expected. We will ensure that your remodeling project is appropriately planned so you can avoid ending up with costly surprises.

Power Full Effects does virtually all phases of residential remodeling. We specialize in bathroom remodeling, including custom shower and bath installation. For the kitchen, we offer complete kitchen remodeling. We offer custom kitchen designs, including the highest-quality cabinetry, if you want something extra special.

Contact Us

Ready to embark on your next home carpentry project? We are conveniently located in Wasilla. You can reach us via email at or give us a call at (907)521-4458.

Our dedicated team is ready to answer any inquiries, provide quotes, and assist you in any way possible.